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Reframing SNAP through a Right to Food Lens

From North Carolina, RAFI-USA has been challenging the root causes of unjust food systems, supporting and advocating for economically, racially, and ecologically just farm communities since its founding in 1990. A participant in the National Right to Food Community of Practice, Justine Post, RAFI-USA’s Come to the Table Program Director, recently co-hosted alongside their Challenging Corporate Power Program, a webinar entitled “Food as a Human Right: Re-Framing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Work Requirements.” With the Farm Bill debates in full swing, Justine made the argument that prioritizing the right to food in the U.S. challenges how SNAP is administered and opens up new perspectives on food justice in our country.

You can view the webinar recording here and read the post-webinar round-up here.


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