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Northwest Harvest is a food justice organization operating statewide in Washington with a network of over 400 food and meal programs, schools, and community-based organizations. Focused on improving equity in our food system, Northwest Harvest believes everyone in Washington should have consistent access to nutritious foods that nourishes their body and affirms their culture.


With its Right to Food efforts,  the organization is focused on changing the conversation on addressing hunger in Washington from a model based on charity to one rooted in social justice and self determination. While Washington state does not currently recognize the Right to Food in its state constitution, Northwest Harvest alongside others continues to pursue statewide legislative change in pursuit of adequate food for all. In 2023, Northwest Harvest will be convening a Right to Food Coalition in Washington.

Northwest Harvest serves as the current fiscal sponsor and team member of the National Right to Food Community of Practice.

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The Right to Food movement: Fighting hunger is about justice, not charity | The Seattle Times

May, 17, 2023. Northwest Harvest is thrilled to share the second installment in our It Takes More Than Food to End Hunger Webinar Series with a focus on Food Justice - sponsored by PCC Community MarketsHosted by Northwest Harvest's Right to Food Campaign Manager, Rita Chang, and featuring Alison Cohen (Advocate and Coordinator of the National Right to Food Community of Practice), Dr. Kayleigh Garthwaite (Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, University of Birmingham, UK) and Rosemary Martin (Senior Community Engagement Manager, Washington Farmland Trust) this webinar is a panel discussion focused on food justice, and the systems that need to change to create a more equitable food system.

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