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Organic Vegetables

The National Right to Food Community of Practice formed in early 2021 to weave together the various streams of right to food work across the U.S., providing dedicated technical support and capacity building for the development of informed and coordinated food and farm policy and advocacy. Rooted in shared learning, our growing community includes advocates, legal experts, community organizers, food and farm organizations, small scale food producers and those with lived experience of hunger.


Community of Practice



Nearly half a century after the first food bank opened its doors and proliferated across the country, the U.S. has failed to solve its hunger problem. Meanwhile the food banking model is being exported to countries around the world.

By simply defining the problem as hunger, the approaches to ameliorate it have been largely limited to increasing the availability of food through a productivist focus on yields, access (capturing and distributing corporate food waste) and protecting eroding and underfunded government nutrition assistance programs.........

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